Due to COVID-19 concerns and government regulations, this event has been cancelled for 2020. Please join our newsletter for event updates. See you in 2021.


Haunted Halloween Ball Chicago is the ultimate group destination. Celebrate Halloween in Chicago with three events filled with costumes, decor, dancing, drinking, and an unforgettable experience.

Book a discounted group ticket package for the best Halloween costume party in Chicago.

  • Groups of 10: $25/ticket sold out
  • Groups of 20: $23/ticket sold out
  • Groups of 30: $20/ticket sold out

For more info, e-mail: info@hauntedhalloweenball.com

Event Reps Wanted – Get Paid To Spread The Word and Bring Your Friends Out!

  • Free Tickets
  • Table commission
  • Tickets commission
  • Sponsorship Commissions

For more info, e-mail: info@hauntedhalloweenball.com


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